AR for Everyone

Transforming the way we learn

LiveBook’s is building a mass market AR platform so that all educators and learners can collaborate on annotating books with endless educational content. Each page of a book can be a wikipedia of useful user-generated material.

A whole new way to see a book

Access unlimited educational content
with AR

Readers can point their camera at any page to discover all the videos, audios, pictures and documents that have been added by others, and they can add content of their own.



Save money on supplementary products like books, tutors and learn quickly and freely along with all your peers from around the world.



Share resources on commonly used educational books and get rewarded for enriching others’ learning experience



Easily attach 3D models, videos, and other multimedia content to your books, magazines, newspapers and any other printed materials.


Collective learning

Find the book that you are studying and connect to their communities. If you can’t find the book you want, simply add it yourself and start a community.



Use AR to scan any book, magazine, newspaper and any other printed materials and discover micro-content related to each page.


Easy to use

Use our platform to find or create AR content without any technical knowledge.

Make learning a magical expirence

Deploy AR for your business or institution

You can use LiveBook’s computer vision technology to make any book and printed material augmentable. Create uniquely interactive experience for your users see your engagement stats go through the roof!

Winner of the UNESCO award at 2019 WSIS

At the 2019 World Summit on the Information Society hosted by ITU and United Nations LiveBook was recognised for innovating the way students can use technology to enrich their textbooks through collective collaboration.

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Weather you’re a school, university, educational institution or a publisher we can customize products catered to your unique business needs to help you innovate the way you interact with your users and customers.